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Why is it free?
Local authorities of different regions in China together with us are interested in promoting their producers and raising the export. That's why we organize fairs and provide budget for attracting of foreign buyers.
We use the budget to cover your hotel expenses, transportation, meals and/or provide you cash subsidy, in order to create comfortable conditions for attending a fair.
How does it work?
Expo choice and form filling
You choose an expo you are interested in from the expos list on our web-site and click I want to go button. Fill in the form. After you fill the form, you'll see successful registration message. Make a screenshot of this message and send it to our WeChat.
Expo registration
After we recieve successful registration message from you, we'll add you to our WeChat group for this expo. We send your information to the organiser for compensation program approval. After confirmation by the organiser we publish final list in WeChat group.
Programm coordination and expo visit
Together with organizers we form the program of the event and provide it to you. You visit the expo in our group and find new opportunities for your business
Further cooperation
You become a part of our network, obtain a lot of business-partners and friends. Most of our participants keep track of our expos updates and visit different events all over the China with our groups on regular basis
About us
Our mission is to help your business grow and make more money through activating China business opportunities
Founder of the company
Slava Yarotski
China business expert. Got an MBA degree in Dalian University of Technology.
Has been doing business in China for 7 years already. Specializes at business trips, expos and chinese tea.
Personally visits more than 50 expos every year. Knows chinese language and chinese way of thinking.
Has organised more than 100 commercial expo trips in last two years.Co-organiser of "China Business Forum 2018" in Moscow.
Our advantages
100 expos per year
The largest choice of expos in China and Hong Kong with bonuses.
5 years on the market
Our experience will prevent you from any problems and loss of time when visiting expos in China.
Best offer guarantee
If anyone gives you a better offer, we shall double the difference in benefits.
All your personal data is covered with watermark with expo name and date.
Join our group for the nearest fair and find new business opportunities, partners and friends.
Virtual expo visit
If you are interested in a particular expo, but can't visit it yourself, we have a solution for you!
Previous expos

Registration for this expo visit with our company is over. If you are interested in topics of this expo, you can order virtual expo visit.

Virtual expo visit service
If, for some reason, you don't have an opportunity to visit the expo you are interested in yourself, we can propose you a virtual expo visit. Our employee
will make a photo/video report of the event, gather business cards and catalogs, and give your contacts to the participants of the expo. The cost of the service starts from 50$ only. We can organize a virtual visit of any expo in China, not only of the listed on this website.
E-mail (mandatory field)
Expo or sourcing product name
Pls specify your request
Why is it free?
Local authorities of different regions in China together with us are interested in promoting their producers and raising the export. That's why we organize fairs and provide budget for attracting of foreign buyers. We use the budget to cover your hotel expenses, transportation, meals and/or provide you cash subsidy, in order to create comfortable conditions for attending a fair.
What is a cash subsidy?
It's an amount of money we pay you 1-10 days after the fair for attending it with our group. it can be used for any additional costs you might have during trip or any other spending.
We will transter it to your WeChat, Alipay, Yandex.Money, bank account, or give it to you in cash (you choose).
I want to go. What should I do to register?
1) Click I WANT TO GO button of the expo u are interested in

2) Fill in the registration form, and send to our wechat id (victorproexpo) the screenshot of successful registration

3) We will add you to the wechat group of the expo where you can see all the updates

4) For the expo with free hotels pls transfer 100-200 rmb deposit. Deposit will be returned to you after participation in expo.
What is the deposit for?
Deposit needs to be paid only for the fairs with free hotel. The hotel is booked for the whole group with a discount, therefore, the booking is nonrefundable. We require the deposit in order to distinguish the people, who are really planning to go, from those who are not sure, in order to decrease the probability of loosing the booking. Usually, it's 100-200CNY per person, depending on the level of the hotel. The deposit is returned after your participation in the fair. If you don't come to the expo, you won't get the deposit back.
Will I get my deposit back, if I won't be able to go, because my cat gets sick / I fail to find a person to water my flowers / my alarm clock breaks down / it's too hot (or cold) outside / rainy / slippery / snowy / or I just decide not to go?
No. As far as hotels don't refund the booking fees, if you don't check in, your deposit will be used to compensate part of our loss, that company bears in case a participant doesn't show up.
Will I get my deposit back, if the expo doesn't confirm my participation?
If, for some reason, you will be not allowed to participate, we will return your deposit immediately.
Are there any hidden charges or extra expenses?
Nope. All of your extra expenses are only related with your personal interests, for instance, sightseeing, visiting bars, clubs, etc.
Do I have to buy anything at the fair?
Will I get a single room?
By default, people live in double rooms, if not stated otherwise.
How do you compensate transport expences?
After final confirmation by organiser we publish final list of approved participants in WeChat group. Then you can start booking your tickets. Transport expences are compensated after the expo upon receiving original transport tickets or invoices from you. Notice: Transport expences compensation is limited to predetermined budget for each expo (it can be plane tickets, economy class bus, second-class high-speed train).
Is it possible to get compensation in case I've lost my tickets?
Unfortunately not. We get transport compensation from our chinese partners only in case we can provide original travel documents or invoices to them.
Our bus hit a traffic jam on our way back from the expo, and we came back to the city when the subway was already closed. Will you compensate my taxi expences?
By default, taxi expences are not included in our compencation package.
What is business meeting or match meeting?
Business meeting or networking with producers is a format of participation in exhibition, on which you will be matched with chinese producers according to products you are interested in. Communication takes place in expos' VIP area. You sit at the table, and representatives of different manufacturers come to you, present their catalogs, new products samples or top selling products. Business meeting usually takes 2-3 hours.
How would the expo know what exactly am I interested in?
When filling in the form on our website, you choose one or several products of the particular expo you are interested in. We provide this information to the expo and organizers select manufacturers according to your interests in advance. It's a unique chance to make contact with a lot of producers at a really short period of time.
After filling out the form I see the following message "Please check the box to let us know you're human". What should I do?
This situation usually occurs, when you fill the form several times, using single device. This is a capcha check from Google, but it doesn't work correctly in China without VPN. If you run into this issue, please, try to use VPN or fill in the form, using another device.
I don't have business-card. What shall I do?
We will help you to make business-card FOR FREE.
Why do I have to fill in a separate registration form for each expo I want to join?
Each form is created for a particular expo. When you upload photos or your docs to the form, they are automatically covered with watermarks of this expo. that means, that neither we, nor anybody else can use your docs for any other purposes (for example, to register somebody else to other expos using your docs). This is made, because we care about your personal data safety, and this is what we differ in with our competitors.

Moreover, each expo has its own group of products, that are listed in its form, and you choose your own products of interest from the list, so that you can get maximum benefits from each expo.
What are Canton Fair dates?
Canton Fair includes three phases and is held two times a year, in autumn and spring. To find out more about Canton Fair, pls go to our special page.
Is there any dress-code on expos?
Yes, business style clothing is required: dress shoes, dress pants, shirts. Business suit is a perfect option. Shorts, slippers and T-shirts are not allowed.
How do I make Canton Fair badge?
If you pre-apply for Canton Fair badge online, you can get it for free. You can still get a buyer badge right at the expo pavillions when you come to China. In this case you'll have to pay 100RMB for it. For more details about making Canton Fair badge, pls visit our special page.
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Shanghai Toy Expo
Canton Fair
Canton Fair
Canton Fair is a trade fair held in the spring and autumn seasons each year since the spring of 1957 in Guanzhou, China. It is the oldest, largest, and the most representative trade fair in China. The National Pavilion (export section) of Canton Fair is sorted into 16 categories of products, which will be exhibited in 51 sections.
Over 24,000 of China's best foreign trade corporations (enterprises) take part in the fair. These include private enterprises, factories, scientific research institutions, wholly foreign-owned enterprises, and foreign trade companies.
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